A new year means a NEW PLANNER!!!

I'M SO VERY EXCITED!  I love organization, love a great planner, and I'm thrilled that this year I've found what I believe MAY be the perfect planner for my life!  What is this perfect planner I speak of?  It's only a most delightfully colorful and well thought out design by Limelife Planners.  I wanted to find something that was tailored to photographers because I found that, in my day to day activities, I wished I had things like a mileage log, or a checklist for my sessions to keep track of where I was at with each client and so on.  I also like to color coat things or stamp things in my planner as a visual for certain activities.  Limelife gave me everything I wanted and more!  I got to pick my cover (The Ansel) from a variety of options (which was an EXTREMELY difficult decision because I loved ALL of them so much!), got to choose the layout for my weekly view, and was able to add on all of the extras I was wishing for!  I was in heaven!  

From what I understand, Limelife is owned and operated by two moms, Leslie and Tasha, who are based in Pa. and Ohio.  They made planners for their family and friends for a while and then decided to take the plunge and make a business out of their planning adventures.  I'd say it has been a success thus far and I'm super glad to support fellow entrepreneurs!  

The base price for these planners is $55, but then you increase in price, the more that you add on.  I ended up totaling just about $100, which may seem crazy to some people, but for me it is worth it.  I have the ability to organize and track all of my activities in ONE place and I can take it with me everywhere.  It's a HARD COPY ITEM that I can hold in my hands, which I prefer over the technology of today offering everything to be done on a phone or other mobile device.  Don't get me wrong... I love technology and what it can do for my business, but when it comes to my planner...I like an actual book that I write in and flip through.  I would imagine it's the tangible part of actually touching the pages that makes it more effective for me.  You know?  ...Feeling the pages and writing the words makes it stick in my mind more.  As a mom that is busy running after a toddler and taking my daughter to her activities, and then appointments for both of them in addition to all that I personally have going on in life and business, I need ALL the help I can get with remembering things!   

I love that these planners start with the current month when you order, so you have very little waste and you don't have to wait to start using your planner if you're planning ahead.  I also love the quality of Limelife's planners!  They are constructed very well!  The cover and the dividers are all laminated in mylar so you have that extra toughness and durability.  And they are bound with a nice and sturdy, yet light weight, spiral ring.  

As for content, well...I've already mentioned that they have put a lot of thought into the options available to you.  They really did!  You an customize your cover (which I did with my logo) by putting images on the front, and you can choose to put different folders and/or envelopes inside to enhance the functionality of your planner (which I did too...I got an envelope and a folder added).  Every planner includes pages with goal setting pages and a page for user name and passwords for the various sites you may use.  I personally think that the user name and password page is something better left as a loss item add-on because of the safety issues that might arise if you lost your planner and it had all of your private user names and passwords inside, but I definitely love that they include it because I think it's a wonderful organizational item!  They even have add ons for meal-planning or finances if you want those!  

There are lots of other add-ons that you can get, but I'm not going to mention them all.  Check out their website if you like and see all that they have to offer!  I don't get anything for sending you or for my blog post, but if you order, tell them I sent you!  :)  I think they like to know where their business comes from, just like I do.  :)  And if you order a planner, I'd LOVE to see what you get and hear how you personalized it to fit YOUR needs!  It will probably give me something to think about for my next year's planner!  Ha!  Thanks for visiting my blog!  I actually video recorded myself opening my new planner.  If I get brave enough, I MAY post it in the coming days for your review as well.