ABOUT ME...I’m a wife, mother, and hopless romantic.  I like to sing, I love animals, and I love being creative!  I’m a hugger, a lover of words, and smiley faces.  :)  As a photographer I want to connect with my clients.  I really want to get to know you and establish trust.  I am here for YOU and I value your time and your choice when you chose me.  I want to feel like a friend or a family member... not just your photographer.  In fact, a lot of my clients DO become my friends!  :)   

Photography...I believe it is about capturing raw emotions, details, relationships, and of course, memories! 
Photography is an art of having a vision, but also being able to see through someone else‘s eyes!   My focus is to creatively capture all the memorable moments and tell your stories through portraits.  Photography is my love, my passion, and my career, that I feel SO blessed with!

When you look at really amazing portaits, what knocks you off your socks? The REAL images, the details, the emotions.   I am here to perfectly document times in your lives, to help you and your family remember everything that happens, to help you relive your memories through timeless images again and again.


In 2001, I started out shooting film.  Shortly thereafter I learned how to develop in a darkroom, and then digital photography arrived.  I bought a digital SLR and well, after earning a bachelors degree in psychology and 14 years at a career in mental health, I pursued my creative passions, and with a LOT of faith, hope, and trust in God's plan for me, HERE I AM!  

God knew where He wanted me to be.  Thank heavens for the unanswered and answered prayers that have brought me here!  I can, without a doubt, say that this is where I’m meant to be.  It’s such a great feeling knowing that I get to help people, get to do what I love, get more time for my family (which is priceless) AND I can earn an income!  I love being around for my children while they are young and I am proud of the fact that they will grow up seeing their momma pursue her dreams, work hard at her passions, and become a success!